Residential Bed Bug Treatment in Lexington, KY


Bedbug Inspections

Not sure if you may have a bedbug infestation? We offer full home bedbug inspections.
In order to complete a thorough bedbug inspection, all bedding, sheets, pillows should be removed from all mattresses and boxsprings throughout the home as well as all clutter and stored items cleared from the closet, and bedroom floors prior to inspection.

At each inspection, we will provide a detailed BEDBUG INFESTATION SERVICE & INSPECTION REPORT.

Chemical Treatments and Preparation

A bed bug receiving bed bug treatment services in Lexington, KY
With chemical treatments alone, all floors, outlets, cracks, and crevices are treated with liquid and dust chemicals throughout the structure. A lot of in-home preparations will be required prior to the first scheduled service. Examples include laundering all clothing, sheets, bedding, curtains and other fabric personal items in very hot water, drying in hot dryer of 120-130 degrees, sterilizing all other personal belongings with 91 % rubbing alcohol, vacuuming all floors, cracks, crevices, decluttering all areas where treatment is necessary, and many other preparations prior to service. Some mattresses, upholstered items, and other items inside the unit that are infested may be asked to be discarded from the property during the chemical treatment process.

Click here to see our Chemical Treatment Preparation Checklist

  • ALL preparations must be completed prior to the initial treatment.
  • NO people or pets inside unit for a minimum of 4 hours after treatment.
  • Follow-up treatments must be done every 7-10 days until unit is cleared by our inspectors.

Customer will receive a documented BEDBUG INFESTATION SERVICE & INSPECTION REPORT upon completion of initial and all follow-up treatments.


Thermal Heat Treatment and Preparations

This treatment is a valuable and highly effective treatment option for homeowners who want a safer and more effective remediation of bedbugs. While there is still some in-home preparations for the heat remediation, it is not near as detailed and timely as chemical treatment preparations. Examples include removing items from inside the home that could be damaged by the high temperatures during the heat treatment, and de-cluttering areas that the heat would need to be accessible to during treatment.

This treatment safely treats all areas of the structure by heating the interior of the residence to 130 degrees.It kills all stages of the bedbug life cycle effectively without damages to your electronics and other personal belongings inside the home.Treatment safely treats all mattresses, boxsprings, and upholstered items that may otherwise need to be discarded with chemical treatments only. All treatment areas are monitored throughout the treatment process using this unique TEMP-AIR sensor and monitoring system.

Click here to see our attached Heat Treatment Preparations Checklist